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One of the important services Snowshoe Canada offers is the sanctioning of events. We are able to sanction a wide variety of events from simple non competitive grass roots to Canadian championships.

As the governing body for the sports in Canada we provide this service to help event organizer stage their event in a professional manner and attract more registrations. The advantages of sanctioning your event with Snowshoe Canada are as follows:

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Stamp of Approval

An event sanctioned by Snowshoe Canada is a stamp of approval that the event has been approved by an independent national governing body.

Quality Assurance

A sanction with Snowshoe Canada is an additional level of quality assurance that your race has met the standards of the national governing body.

Increased Participation

The sanction will help you attract more participants who can be assured that the national governing body approves the event.

Stakeholder Approval

A sanction with Snowshoe Canada will also be a positive addition to your discussions with venue organizers, municipalities, suppliers and sponsors who can be assured that the event has been vetted by an independent governing body.

Marketing Support

Race directors who sanction with Snowshoe Canada receive full marketing support from Snowshoe Canada including articles on the web site, and various sports and outdoor magazines, press releases to local and national media. Our events page on the web site will list your event and date along with a link to your registration page. We also issue a regular newsletter to our mailing list. Articles about you event will be included in the newsletter.

In addition we have an active Facebook and Twitter page which we regular update with new information. Our track record for marketing events is quite good. Event organizers generally see a 20% -30% increase in attendance once we engage our marketing program.

Officials Certification

In order stage an event that is managed on a professional level it is important to have someone on site that is trained in the rules and can oversee the event safety, race timing, finishers results and awards ceremony. Snowshoe Canada provides an officials certification course which can be taken on line. The course was developed by the World Snowshoe Federation. It is highly recommended that you have at least one Snowshoe Canada race official on hand for your event. The link to the Official Certification course shown below.

Snowshoe Canada Championship Titles

 The awarding of championship titles is another benefit of sanctioning with Snowshoe Canada.  The championship titles serve as a marketing tool which the event organizer can use to increase attendance, attract sponsors and assist in getting approvals from local venue operators, municipalities and various other stakeholders.

The awarding of titles is done well in advance of the race date to provide plenty of time to get the full benefit of the marketing campaign. The application for a Championship Title is done during the completion of the sanctioning application.

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Provincial Cup Series

We have a provincial cup series currently operating in Ontario. The races in this series benefit from branded marketing of their event and increased participation. There is a points system awarded to athletes who participate in the series. A grand final event is held at the end of the season where the overall winners of the series are crowned.

We are working on developing a provincial cup series in all provinces. Please contact us for information.

Provincial Championships

We currently offer a provincial championship title in Ontario and Quebec.

Event organizers can apply for this title up to one year in advance of the proposed date.

National Championships

The Canadian championship is the premiere event on the Snowshoe Canada calendar. It is an open all comers event and is the annual competition that will crown the Canadian Champion for men and women in the short course 5k and the long course 10k.

Sanctioning Fees

We have kept our sanction fees modest in order to maximize the event director’s return on investment with Snowshoe Canada. Fees start at $60.00 + $.50/ athlete for non competitive event to $325.00 + $3.00 / athlete for a Canadian Championship. Generally we have found that the benefits of sanctioning with Snowshoe Canada more than make up for the sanction fee. As a bench mark you can expect to receive a 2x increase in revenue over and above the cost of sanctioning. A more detailed explanation of fees is included in the sanction form.

Additional Championship Titles

Snowshoe Canada is affiliated with the World Snowshoe Federation which serves as the national governing body of Snowshoeing on a global basis.

This organization has two championship titles which they award annually.

The North American Championship

This awarded to Canada and the USA on a rotating basis. The title is granted up to one year in advance. A sanction form must be completed and approved along with the appropriate fee deposit.

The title is awarded to the national governing of the country applying for the title and in turn the national body appoints a race director to operate the event.

The World Championship

This is also awarded on an annual basis and is granted up to one year in advance with the completion of the appropriate WSSF sanction form and fee deposit. This title is also granted to the national governing body for the country applying for the event. Snowshoe Canada would appoint a race director to operate the event.


The process for these sort of titles involves many discussions between a potential Race Director, Snowshoe Canada and the WSSF.

The amount of work and cost to stage events at this level is quite significant and it is advised that you should have a strong contingent of local athletes interested in competing in this calibre of event in addition to the our of country athletes.

Your event committee should have several years of experience and your race budget should be significant enough in order to stage an event of this calibre. More information about these titles can be provide by contacting us directly.

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Officials Certification Course

Sanctioning Application