New Recreational Events Added for 2018

Snowshoe Canada is pleased to announce the endorsement of two new recreational events in Ontario. These events are intended to bridge the gap between non-organized recreational activities and competitive events.

They will serve as test events for the future and will provide an opportunity for outdoor winter enthusiasts to meet and enjoy this activity in a group setting.

On Sunday, January 28th the town Haliburton will be hosting a non-competitive snowshoe event in conjunction with their annual Hardwater Winter Festival. The cost of the event is $5.00 and will include a choice of a 1k or 3k group tour followed by a light lunch and refreshments.
The event is presented by Yours Outdoors and is intended to be a test event for a more competitive event next year.

Registration is now open at

On Sunday, February 18th the town of Gravenhurst will be hosting a recreational non-competitive snowshoe event in conjunction with their annual Gravenhurst Winter Carnival.
The event is intended to be a fun athletic activity to add to the list of events already included in the weekend line up.

For more information on this event go to

“We are pleased to be assisting these municipalities with the addition of a snowshoe event to their winter festivals," states Dave Robinson Snowshoe Canada President. "These non-competitive low key events will give people the opportunity to engage in this wonderful winter activity and meet other like-minded people. The social part of this sport is quite interesting and is a great motivator to stay involved. It will also give the organizers an opportunity to get some valuable experience in preparation for a competitive event next year.”